This website is our attempt to document the construction of our self-built adobe home. We broke ground on our project in June of 2017. The year is now 2020 and we’re still working hard. We are privileged to own 25 acres just outside of Silver City, New Mexico and the Gila National Forest. By keeping a record of our building process, we hope to make it just a little easier for others to follow their own house-building dreams.

Adobe construction is alive and well. One half of the world’s population live or work in buildings created of earth, mud, or clay (May, Handmade Houses & Other Buildings). In a time when many desire to build and live in more sustainable ways, it is important not to forget about the numerous forms of vernacular architecture that have evolved throughout human history and are well-suited to be adapted and developed for our modern times.

With our small project, we hope to contribute to the continuance of a long-standing building tradition in the American Southwest. Adobe construction reflects the cultures that developed the tradition, as well as the landscape from which the building materials come. We see adobe as a relevant construction form for today’s world, and hope to inspire others to build in this tradition as well. Thanks for joining us on our journey!